The deepest meditation of all

Is realising yourself as an incarnation of Divinity

In this course we are working with a physical, spiritual awakening to Self 
- that which lies  through and beyond the body.

Through awareness of the inner body, we are able to access a clearer awareness of who we truly are - pure awareness. 

The process of connecting to the body and specifically the inner body poses huge challenges to most.
This course gives various techniques for making the brain - body connection.  Then takes you even deeper into sensing the consciousness which lies beyond the body.

All the movements, meditations and dances are designed to help you physically connect to the sensation of the light of eternal knowing inside you. 

The first 3 lessons are free and ready for you to do now. Click on "Free Preview" above.
The next 40 dances and meditations will become available from 1 October 2023 onwards. We will have a Zoom gathering each Tuesday evening 7PM South Africa time for feedback and support. You may join the course any time you please, do it as self-study and join the Zoom meetings for the duration of  October and November 2023.

The Divine within

Remembering who we are

Your Facilitator

Leán Bakker

"My job is to awaken you to realising the light inside you. I am here to initiate you into yourself"

In 2018 I had a surprise Kundalini (life-force) awakening while meditating on the beach. It was accompanied with a consciousness shift and changed the direction of my life for ever.  Another benefit is that I started enjoying full body orgasms easily and for extended periods of time.

I realise that all the physical and creative work I have cultivated throughout my life has prepared me the moment of awakening. I keep strengthening my alignment to life-force by drawing on these skills: 

My life-long relationship with dance -
As professional contemporary dancer, I always worked with energy channels through my body in order to achieve balance and line. As choreographer, I explored the embodiment of emotion and story. As performance artist I discovered the shamanic qualities of physical performances, calling them physical prayers. I wrote a small thesis on this topic when I completed my study as Voice Movement Therapist.

Voice movement therapy (VMT) helped me to further align myself to my body, breath, voice and emotions. Vmt is a fantastic tool for accessing the emotions stored in the body - the unconscious mind.

Since my spontaneous sexual awakening, I have attended numerous sexuality training workshops, equipping me with tools to work with clients in this field. The focus of my sexuality work in assisting men, women and couples to experience the physical, spiritual full-body orgasm which is the cosmic realisation of self.

My research and self-development is spearheaded in awakening the energetic body and I have assisted many clients to experience this transformational phenomena in their bodies.

This is probably the most powerful course you will ever do to move towards enlightenment. 

We are going through a consciousness shift as humans and it is happening in our bodies.

Google 'Enlightenment' and we find these kind of images:

Alex Grey

Every person who meditates, knows we visualise the energy centres in and around the body lighting up. Most people visualise the energy, but fail to connect with it. 

Now, how do we really connect to these energy centres? We FEEL them! We feel them inside our bodies. It is when we dare to become physical, that the 'a-ha' moment happens.  I always say: "How much can you feel?"  there is an incredible depth to that question...  

This connection inside us is our connection to Divine life-force.  This is what moves us towards enlightenment. An inner realisation happens within us - something that is greater than the mind. I like to call it 'high speed fibre internet' with god - giving and receiving messages (spiritual downloads)

I wish for every person to understand that each one of us has a light shining within us. For us to remember that we are incarnations of the Divine  light. This is true for every person.

We are able to tune into this light energy within us. The more we tune into it, the more we align to it.  It is the meeting of the Divine within. This knowing is the physical realisation that this energy is alive within us - in our bodies, and accepting it as part of us. The Divine light is indeed inseparable from us. We and it are one. We and the God energy are one.

'The most difficult part of becoming Enlightened - is accepting that you are!'
- Leán Bakker

Finding the access point

to awareness - through the body

Why Dance?

It is about you opening up the central channel of your body.

You are on this path of healing, because you would like to be enlightened.

There are ways to access the energetic body. Sex is one of the gateways. When we are working with sexuality, we can easily get distracted. We can put sex in this box and we can get fixated on the act itself or on the blocks we have with it. But to realise it is a gate within and it is not the only gate. 

There are other avenues into the body: yoga, meditation, qigong, etc
and... dancing!

Dance is a very beautiful and safe way to connect with the body, where we are not distracted. Where we can simply be with ourselves. A beautiful safe place is the dance with self. Meeting yourself as an energetic being, from the inside, alight as you are.

We are doing all these things because we desire to be enlightened beings. So then when we do things, let's do them with earnest. And know what we desire.

This is one little innocent path: for a moment, even just a moment... to feel light inside you. And then learning to accept more and more of that into your body as a nice embodiment practice. 

It is a playful way of feeling yourself as an energetic being. A wonderful way for meeting yourself inside yourself, innocently as you are, exactly as you are. With all your injuries and your stumbles. To love all those parts of yourself and to be in yourself. To feel that you are dancing this life from the inside. 

You are important. 
Your dance is important.

- Thank You

Example Dance

Moving with inner awareness - the light inside

Who is this course for?

  • People of any age, gender and sexual orientation
  • For those who want to access their bliss bodies easily on their own
  • People who want to circulate sexual energy with their partner. It helps to understand your own energy field first
  • People who want to experience full-body orgasms
  • People who want to experience full-body orgasms on their own without sexual stimulation
  • People who want to feel the spiritual aspect of their sexual energy
  • People who desire body association healing within a safe environment
  • People who feel they have blocks in the flow of their life-force energy
  • People who are on a path of enlightenment, and want to understand our physical contribution to the process
  • People who wish to understand the physical connection to spirituality.
  • People who have had a Kundalini awakening and wishes to manage the energy flow better
  • People who's energy body is awake and wishes to nurture and maintain their connection to it.

Results to expect:

This course may give you one or more of the following experiences:

  • Spiritual awakening into the realisation that you are not separate from the Creator force

  • Feeling one with all of creation

  • A feeling of self-love

  • Sensual empowerment in knowing how to switch on your body awareness

  • Full-body energy orgasms that may last for hours

  • An energy re-charge from nature

  • Healing of emotional blocks held in the body

  • You may even feel nothing at all, and the awareness will drop in later

  • A really good abdominal workout with all the movement involved


  • Do I need to have previous dance experience?

    No. The dances are easy to do and to follow. You may do them in any way your body allows

  • Is this for women and for men

    Yes. It is for anybody. All bodies are able to switch on to the energy field inside.

  • What about trauma and blocks?

    The dance provides a safe container for all our feelings. All emotions are welcome and encouraged to be felt. The parts where we have blocks can bring up numbness or tears. The dance allows us to gently feel all these emotions as they arise, to feel through them and to transform them.

  • Is this Skydancing?

    Yes, Skydancing is also the movement of pure awareness

  • Are we working with Kundalini energy?

    This inner body awareness has many names: Kundalini,  Shakti, Chi, Consciousness, Awareness, God, the Divine, Energy Orgasms, the Universe, Source etc. In essence it is a physical realisation of Self as being more than a body.

Course curriculum

    1. Turning on the lights

    2. Hands & Shoulders

    3. Gravity

    4. Circles

    5. Touch & Breath

    6. Softness & Light

    7. Facial expression

    8. Waves

    9. Surrender into the light inside

    10. Light Body

    11. Weight

    12. Arms & Hands

    13. Spine

    14. Snake-like movements

    1. Nature meditation

    2. Earth

    3. Trees & Sun

    1. Root

    2. Sacral

    3. Solar Plexus

    4. Heart

    5. Throat

    6. Third Eye

    7. Crown

    8. Energy channels

    9. Streams of Light

    1. Reflection - All knowing

    2. Healing

    3. More on Healing

    4. Deeper listening

    5. Feeling your feelings from the inside

    6. Inner and outer awareness

    7. How much can you feel?

    8. Body scan

    9. Body Shakes

    10. Contract and expand

    11. Love for self

    12. Elegance in presence

About this course

  • $1,200.00
  • 45 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content