A selection of Pleasure Dances

by Leán Bakker

I am a sexuality coach, dancer and performance artist.

This exhibition is a selection of my pleasure dances that I create from my enjoyment of being in my body.

Finding the strong flow of life-force, sexual energy inside me,  has changed my life. It has radically transformed the way in which I enjoy life, they way I dance, am in nature and make love.

In these performances, I embody this energy to serve as a somatic transmission to you, the viewer.

I am now guided in life by the flow of this Shakti, life-force energy. I have been called to help other people to align with the bliss of their life-force too.

Inside this Showcase

    1. Welcome to my pleasure dances

    2. Mother Mary in Pussy Pink

    3. Gravity's Caress

    4. Finding the Wings of the Dragon

    5. Flow

    6. Gold

    7. Craving touch

    8. SSSTAR

    9. Kundalini Dances

    10. How Much can you Feel...

    11. Orgasmic Dance with cat

    12. STRONG

    13. Shakti ↑ & ↓

    14. You in Me - Work in progress

    15. Thank you for watching

About this course

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  • 15 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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