Gently awaken my dear

You are alive - now feel it!

Slowly get used to the divine in you

slowly tune in to your pleasure

slowly accept it into your life

slowly get accustomed to allowing this feeling of pleasure to be, to live in you.

If you feel it all at once, you might feel like exploding- it is too much for the mind to suddenly get awakened.

Allow it gently into your life

Get accustomed to this new tuning, to being a receptor for bliss.

It is our original state

In all that we do and strive and work for in life, we are always seeking this one thing - "bliss"

awaken it in your cells





slowly re-tune

Course curriculum

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    How to use this course

    • Welcome

  • 2

    Explaining Full Body Orgasm: Life-Force Energy

    • What are energy orgasms?

    • Introducing Shakti

    • What is orgasm? - for men

    • Feel the inner body

    • What is orgasm? - for women

    • Breathing

    • Masturbation and moving energy

    • Snake-Like Movements

    • Flow directions of your energy

    • Movement - be like a lava lamp

    • Movement - be like a plasma lamp

    • No Goals

    • Create your vibration

  • 3

    Meditations for orgasmic living

    • The first time I felt a body orgasm - on the beach

    • The Form - a body meditation

    • Nature Meditation

    • Flower presence - a meditation

    • Presence exercise for couples

    • Awareness in the shower

    • Wake up and smell the coffee - orgasmic eating

  • 4

    Orgasmic Performance art

    • Flow

    • Showing Shakti energy moving

    • Orgasmic ritual

    • Yoni Dance

    • Craving touch

  • 5


    • Interview with Dieter Asb about energy orgasms

    • Interview with Marc Kress

    • Interview with Lenerd Louw

  • 6

    Thank you

    • Adding value

Your course instructor

Leán Bakker

My life has been dedicated to being fully in my body. I started my career as a professional contemporary dancer. Later I became choreographer and performance artist; exploring the deep expressions the body can utter. Always feeling life flowing through my movements. I studied Voice and Movement therapy where I explored expression of the emotions through voice, breath and postures. The body is always contracting and expanding with the soul. in 2018 I experienced a sexual awakening. What it brings to me is the awakening of the inner body energy flow. I am the most orgasmic person I know. Through years of body awareness, I am able to tune into waves of bliss in my entire body. Some call this kundalini awakening. For me it is simply feeling my original self, my connection to source through my body. My life work now is to translate this inner awareness to others. My approach is to communicate though my body in a practical user-friendly way.

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