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My Story

By Leán Bakker

Course curriculum

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    Module 1: Life-Force Energy

    • Uncoiling the snake - feeling yourself

    • Dance to feel the energy move

    • Feeling the inner body

    • Feel the link between your voice and your sex

    • Assignment 1

  • 3

    Module 2: Orgasmic Living

    • An Orgasmic life

    • Nature orgasms - allow nature in

    • Food orgasms - really taste

    • Assignment 2

  • 4

    Module 3: Full Body Orgasm

    • Video Art Performance - FLOW

    • A Man feeling his life-force energy flow

    • Reaching out to feel touch - full body orgasm

    • The orgasm is yours

    • Assignment 3

  • 5

    Module 4: Awakening the Vagina

    • Awakening of the Vagina

    • Video dance performance

    • Explanation of Yoni Dance meaning

    • Keyes to awakening the vagina

    • The Fine Art of Pompoir

    • Vagina discussion

    • How to use your vibrator

    • Touching inside the vagina

    • Linking the vagina and the voice

    • Assignment 4

  • 6

    Module 5: Meeting the Masculine

    • Setting intentions for meeting the penis

    • Honouring the masculine

    • Preparing for the massage

    • Lingam massage to know the vagina

    • Lingam massage to meet your man

    • Shifting the consciousness of the BlowJob

    • Assignment 5

  • 7

    Additional material: Conversations with Men

    • Florian Kroll - Tango between Vagina and Penis

    • A man's experience of the awake vagina

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Course Boundaries

What you can expect and not expect in this course


Easy to relate to


"You speak about experiences that we all have in a way that is tangible and easy to relate to. I have listened to many tantra teachers descriptions of the orgasmic state, but I think your ability to put it in laymen's terms is 'next level'"

New sensation


"This morning I woke up with a completely different sensation of being a sexual being. I took a different type of ownership in my lovemaking with my husband, how involved and how active and how conscious I was, was completely different to before. I was mindful of how everything felt, what I wanted and it was absolutely incredible."

Authentic and relatable


"One of the main strengths of the course is how very real, authentic and relatable you are throughout. Also very likeable! You don't hold yourself above your students or assume a guru-like status, which is wonderful and refreshing."

Your Instructor

Leán Bakker

My life is dedicated to being fully alive in my body. I started my career as a professional contemporary dancer. Later I became choreographer and performance artist; exploring the deep expressions the body can utter. Always feeling life flowing through my movements. I studied Voice and Movement therapy where I explored expression of the emotions through voice, breath and postures. The body is always contracting and expanding with the soul. in 2018 I experienced a sexual awakening. What it brings to me is the awakening of the inner body energy flow. I am the most orgasmic person I know. Through years of body awareness, I am able to tune into waves of bliss in my entire body. Some call this kundalini awakening. For me it is simply feeling my original self, my connection to source through my body. My life work is to translate this inner awareness to others. My approach is to communicate though my body in a practical user-friendly way.

You - The woman inside your vagina

Some of you might have seen this movement performance on Vimeo.This dance is an embodiment of the message I bring: That we are alive as women inside our vaginas. After finding my orgasmic bliss presence in my yoni, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I decided to explain this feeling of aliveness through a dance. As part of module 4 the dance is shown, followed by a detailed description of the meaning of each movement.

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