Many men suffer from:

  • Loss of sensitivity
  • Ejaculating too soon
  • Loss of pleasure sensations
  • Porn addiction
  • Unreliable erections

Penis massage will help you to:

  • Bring your mind into your body, becoming more aware of your own pleasure and arousal
  • By receiving different strokes, grips and pressure, you will feel a wide variety of sensations
  • A penis massage is not geared towards ejaculation, teaching your body to stay in the pleasure mode for longer
  • By delaying ejaculation, you will be able to stay hard for much longer
  • When you become advanced at delaying your ejaculation, you may even start experiencing orgasm without ejaculation
  • You may start feeling your sexual energy moving into your entire body, moving you closer to experience full-body orgasms

Two live demonstrations, supporting information and interviews with 4 men

In your own time and in the privacy of your home

Imagine Receiving a penis massage:

  • You can lie back and enjoy an hour of receiving loving touch

  • You can enjoy an hour in which you do not have to perform or please anybody else

  • You can re-connect to the sensitivity in your penis

  • You can enjoy the many different sensations your penis is able to feel

  • You have the time to feel sexual pleasure running through your whole body

  • You even have time to connect with the deep emotions connected to your sexuality. This can be joy or sadness.

  • Feel proud and celebrate the beautiful gift of having a penis

Imagine giving a penis massage

  • Handling the penis with skill and confidence

  • Feel empowered by various different techniques you have mastered

  • Build a loving relationship with your partner's penis

  • Your better ralationship with the penis will also help you to be more present during penetrative sex

  • Add the penis massage to your love making repertoire

  • You will be more aware and conscious with blowjobs too

  • Build a deeper, loving relationship with your partner


Your Facilitator

I am sharing my skills with you

Leán Bakker

Hi, My name is Leán I live in Cape Town South Africa. I am a sexual wellness coach. I have many male clients who come to me for various reasons. It could be to learn tantra love making principals, to overcome premature ejaculation, to heal erectile dysfunction, to activate energy orgasms, to heal sexual wounding or to overcome shame. I have performed many, many penis massages to help men build a healthy, empowered connection with their penis. I would like to share massage techniques with you in this course. They are a beautiful addition to your love-making repertoire. I am so happy to be teaching this highly conscious and deeply honouring penis massage ritual.

This course will up-skill you

  • Couples

    The penis massage is a beautiful and intimate sensual exploration for couples. Bring this loving ritual into your bedroom play variety and deeper connection

  • Women

    Would you like to handle the penis like a Pro? Would you like to learn various different techniques to touch and stimulate your male partner. Would you like to feel more confident when interacting with men.

  • Men

    Men who want to re-connect to their sensitivity and feeling. This course is also insightful for men who want to prolong the duration of their erection or learn ejaculation control.

A man's penis represents his energy, love and passion in this world

Are you in a relationship with a person with a penis? By exploring and understanding the complex sensitivity of our male partner's genitals, we are able to meet them with more awareness and presence during love-making

  • A man's penis is an expression of his love, passion and strength
  • A man who is in touch with his penis feels more confident in his masculinity
  • A man who feels sexy, feels more enthusiastic about life.
  • Men yearn to have deep meaningful heart connections with their lovers
  • It is important to deeply love and respect the penis when engaging sexually with a man
  • It will be beneficial for men to have more sensitivity in their penises
  • It will be good if society could build a better relationship towards men's bodies, one of love and honour. 

This short course is an extract from my longer course: How to be multi-orgasmic.

In the orgasmic coarse, I dedicate a section to our relationship with the masculine entering the vagina. This involves getting to know and love the penis. It helps to build a healthy and loving relationship with the penis.

I decided to make this section available as a separate course, for those who would like to focus on the masculine aspect of our sexuality. Please take note: If you buy the 'how to be multi-orgasmic' course, you will also have access to exactly the same information as provided in this course.

How to use this course

- Focus on Receiving and feeling -

  • Create a 'holding  space' for your man where he can simply relax into receiving and feeling sensations without having to perform.
  • The massage could even bring up emotions for him - allow those to be experienced and expressed without talking about them in the massage session. They can be discussed in the debrief afterwards. 
  • Vocal expression, tears, laughter or pleasure... all is welcome
  • You will see I am showing two massages - the first one is from the perspective of the vagina and the second is purely to meet the man. You can choose to watch only one or both.
  • A soft penis is welcome, meet the man exactly as he is; He can feel as much with a soft penis as with an erect penis.
  • You will be shown a whole series of techniques to use with his lovely penis. I suggest watching the video first on your own before applying them on your partner 
  • Play around with a variety of the techniques and using your intuition to guide you.
  • There are no rules or set techniques; the most important is to see this as a gift of allowing him to feel in a very deep and intimate manner.
  • Important! No need to race towards an ejaculation, play as long as you can by pulling back from the edge whenever you get close to it. This will prolong the meditation of feeling and of being in the pleasure state.
  • If ejaculation happens, that is absolutely fine, since we are playing on that fine line. We won't know where the edge is if we do not crash over it every now and again.

  • And then... I would really welcome your feedback and questions, so I can keep improving and adding to the course content.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and How to use this Guide

    2. Preparing for your massage session

    3. Before we start - Honouring the masculine

    4. Penis massage demo: Understanding how the vagina grips and strokes the penis

    5. Beautiful, sensitive penis massage. Exploring the penis

    6. Full body orgasm: moving life-force energy

    7. Ejaculation choice and full-body orgasms for men

    8. Conscious Sexuality work with men

    9. Improve your view of the BlowJob

    1. Lenerd Louw - Author of JUMP!

    2. Florian Kroll - Tango between Vagina and Penis

    3. Marc Kress - playing with energy

    4. Bernard Kossmann - new ways of touch

    1. Do you have any questions after watching these videos?

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


Enjoyed your course

I found the interviews with the men especially interesting. Thanks for including them. Enjoyed your course.

Thank you so much

I would like to thank you for such a great and educational videos about Lingam massage. I purchased it some time ago and was wondering if you have some more similar in your video collection? If not, is there any chance that you can record some more and also bit longer in the nearest future? It would be great and I would buy them straight away. The problem is that I have literally tons of videos regarding Tantric Lingam massage subject but non of them are some professional like yours. I have been training Tantra yoga and massage for a years but recently my goal is to achieve full body orgasm but so far with no results unfortunately. What I do is I play your videos on a TV and my wife follows your hands making my massage so magical and pleasurable.

Best sex

I applied your Lingam massage techniques to my loves and afterwards we had the best sex ever.

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